Watch this octopus try to steal a photographer’s camera

Animals are pissed about the paparazzi. First an eagle snatched a camera in rural Australia and tried to peck it to bits. Then a crab stole some honeymooners’ GoPro and attempted to bury it. Now an octopus has now tried to wrestle away a scuba diver’s camera — which, yes, makes this the perfect trifecta that precedes all New York Times trend pieces. WHO WILL WIN, nature or technology?”

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In this aquarium you can shake hands with otters (Happy Holidays!)

Someone at the Keikyu Aburatsubo Marine Park, Miura City, Japan, had a brilliant idea: Make a little opening on the glass that overlooks the otters’ habitat. You know, so you can shake hands with them. Gimme five, ottersan!”

David Tennant Playing With Kittens on the Set of Gridlock

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A student at Clemson experiments with turtles crossing the road. If you’re American, the experiment went just as expected…

College student’s turtle project takes dark twist

Clemson University student Nathan Weaver set out to determine how to help turtles cross the road. He ended up getting a glimpse into the dark souls of some humans.

Weaver put a realistic rubber turtle in the middle of a lane on a busy road near campus. Then he got out of the way and watched over the next hour as seven drivers swerved and deliberately ran over the animal. Several more apparently tried to hit it but missed.

“I’ve heard of people and from friends who knew people that ran over turtles. But to see it out here like this was a bit shocking,” said Weaver, a 22-year-old senior in Clemson’s School of Agricultural, Forest and Environmental Sciences.

To seasoned researchers, the practice wasn’t surprising.

The number of box turtles is in slow decline, and one big reason is that many wind up as roadkill while crossing the asphalt, a slow-and-steady trip that can take several minutes.

Sometimes humans feel a need to prove they are the dominant species on this planet by taking a two-ton metal vehicle and squishing a defenseless creature under the tires, said Hal Herzog, a Western Carolina University psychology professor.

“They aren’t thinking, really. It is not something people think about. It just seems fun at the time,” Herzog said. “It is the dark side of human nature.”

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Sad :(

My family had a box turtle as a pet (he was older than me and died when I was nearly 30). This story makes me go all teary. Why are people so horrible?



A Humboldt penguin in the Atacama Desert. (Untamed Americas - NGC)

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My friend Grace (aka Snowcoma) still desperately needs to find a long-term fosterer for her kitties. Their names are Little Owl and Edward-Cat. They are in Seattle.

Grace is in about the worst place a person can be in. She’s…

You guys. Edward Cat needs help. He has secrets from his past and all his shots, and he and Little Owl need a long-term foster home until Grace gets back on her feet. If we didn’t already have three dogs and two cats, I’d have them couch-surf their way to Alabama and live with ME.

Look at him.

He is dazzling you with sad.







So I would just like to take this moment to say that firemen are fucking superheroes. They are regular people who go into burning buildings and save every life they can. Even animals. It’s the best.

These are all wonderful, but picture #3 is my favourite.

When my house burned down, I was afraid the firefighters would be like “We got better things to do than find your cats, lady,” but they totally did go out of their way to find them, and brought them out in little cat sized oxygen masks wrapped in towels. They said most of them have pets, and they know how important it is. Pic #6 might be the cutest picture ever.

one time when there was a fire in the house across from mine, i was like six at the time, there was this fireman who ran back into the house and everyone was yelling at him, and he came back  like five minutes later with a basket full of cats and one dog. one of the cats was a momma kitty with six kittens and the dog was protecting the cats. i asked him why he went into the house to get the animals, and he replied “they are alive just like we are, and have the right to breathe just as much as you or i”

i was really inspired and thats why i remember it


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