get out of there cat. you do not belong in a thoracic cage. you are not lungs you are a cat.

Just… Wow.


SUBMISSION: Toy combs from the early 90’s. // md

My sister and I were looking at this and we immediately recognized the teddy bear, the shooting star, the butterfly with the long tail, and the flower-and-stem. Also the two flowers with the long teeth on the right and the plain oval one on the left and the sunrise in the center.

We did love our My Little Ponies, which most of those were for.


Meet Frankie and Norma, two weekend arrivals at Coast & Canyon Wildlife Rehabilitation in Malibu, California. It’s unusual for skunk babies this small to arrive so late in the season but these sweet siblings are warm, fed, snuggled up together and doing well.

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Herbert the seven week old pygmy hedgehog, getting some head tickles!

Taken by sas-sevilla.

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A very courageous little dog saved all her babies during a fire in Temuco, Chile by bringing them one by one from a burning house to the steps of the firefighters’ truck.

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You know how when you see someone with large breasts, at first glance your eyes are always drawn there instead of their face, in that split second before manners and years of social training kick in?

I’m like that, only it’s not my boobs people stare at, it’s my belly.

But as Harry Winston said: “People will stare; make it worth their while.”

For years, I was a typical downtrodden fatty—dressing myself only in dark colors, ‘flattering’ tops, with not a dress in my closet. I tried to hide myself in any way I could. And pictures from this angle? Absolutely forbidden.

Not anymore.

I take up a lot of space, and I refuse to apologize for a single inch of it.

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