The single most powerful element of youth is our inability to know what’s impossible.” 

-Adam Braun

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I've always been amazed at how Ed's name really does sound like teeth (or a mouthful of knives, as you put it) when I read it aloud. Out of curiosity, how did you come up with it?



Well, the front end of his name is simply explained: he was named after the SF writer Ed Bryant, an old acquaintance and (much later) one of the two people who joined Peter and me in matrimony.* Ed likes sharks, and Ed’rashtekaresket was a present for him.

As far as the rest of the name goes… I just sat and listened to what my brain suggested were sharky teeth-gnashing noises until I found some that both sounded effective to me and that I thought other people might also be able to pronounce. 

*Peter and I were married twice, once in LA (in a private civil “paperwork” ceremony) and once at the 1987 Boskone, where Ed officiated at the public ceremony.

For Shark Week: the truth about the one shark that all the others fear






His name — a word like a mouthful of knives — is Ed’rashtekaresket. (Only one being in history has ever had the nerve to shorten it to “Ed”.)

To his face, people call him the Master-Shark. Elsewhere, in whispers, people call him the Pale Slayer. But the New York Times calls him one of the most riveting characters in YA literature. And this is his week… because he owns every other shark there ever was. 

In celebration of Shark Week, and until August 18th, Ebooks Direct is offering Deep Wizardry, the second book of the Young Wizards series, at 50% off.

So come on… satisfy your curiosity at a bargain price, and find out what all other, lesser sharks in history have been missing.


Still one of my favorite books, and one of my favorite characters.



What if instead of being proud miserly creatures, all dragons were just super nervous? They hoarded out of financial anxiety and whatnot.

(I doodled a dragon who ended up looking really concerned and I decided to clean it up and draw a few more to go with it. Dragons are the most fun to draw when they are the opposite of fearsome)

Some of the Eldest’s relatives…

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  • Lone Power: I came out here to have a good time and I am honestly feeling so attacked right now.


"It was not decorated in any way. It stood there, a plain block of type all by itself in the middle of the page, looking serious and important. Nita read the Oath to herself first, to make sure of the words. Then, quickly, before she could start to feel silly, she read it out loud."


These are good words, beautifully illustrated, and not just because I’m biased. Read them out loud. Read them in to yourself. And realise they mean more than just words in a book.

Diane was a nurse (RN) before she was a writer, and still can be when necessary, like the hit-and-run some years ago where she says I helped when nobody else did. That help was mostly following her instructions and not reacting to the mess (“scalp lacerations usually bleed like that,” she says) until we saw the guy safe into an ambulance. Then I got the shakes because “like that” was all over my hands and up to my elbows, but at least I shook on my own time.

Everybody else in the street vanished or crossed to the far side then stood and stared. That’s when I learned the nothing to do with me distance. It’s about 20 feet, close enough to see, far enough away to not hear “can somebody please…?” Even the restaurant we’d just left closed its doors; I remember them banging shut and the lights going out very clearly - but they may have called the ambulance. I don’t know.

However, a day or so later I was the one who was privileged to take a phonecall from the hospital that said “Thanks to what you two did Mr XXX is going to be all right, and he’ll even keep his hair…”

It was what Diane did, not me. It’s still the best review I’ve ever had.

"I am on ordeal…" starts when you’re old enough to make a difference. The difference you make is up to you. There’s another phrase, not Diane’s: "Be excellent to one another." 

Can’t hurt. Might help. Costs nothing. Do it. See what happens. :-)


forbidden love

Really, this just makes me think of Tom and Carl’s koi pond.

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